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Cooling Device


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Looking to create a water reservoir to feed my condenser. My plan was to recycle water from a 270 gallon tote. I need something to cool the water and try to keep it at constant temperature when it hits the condenser.

Any specific recommendations on the type/brand/model device would be appreciated.

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I have a line of new and used chillers that I use for that express purpose. The best deal I have right now is a 2 HP, 230/1/60 and a 3 HP, 460/3/60 package chillers with circulating pump, both used less than a year and returned back to the factory.

Email me and I can send you over specifications and pricing.

How big is the still or how do know how much cooling do you think you'll need?

The chillers are FOB Rogers, AR, plus freight.

We'll run test them and ship from the factory in about a week.

Mike Gronski



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