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need cheaper bottles

Dehner Distillery

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That seems incredibly cheap compared to the USA made prices I've seen. What quantity are you ordering in? If I could get below $1.30/bottle pallet cost for a USA bottle that would be great.

Currently I'm paying .69 cents for a usa made 750 ml bottle.

does anybody know a cheaper source?

I'm going to make a rum product.

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I would always like to get a cheaper bottle but it's the shipping cost it kills me. The bottle cost me $.69 apiece but to get one pallet shipped his little over $700. So it almost doubles the price of the bottle. I have just found a way to get the price down to $.72 apiece with shipping.

Arkansas glass.

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$1.70 all in for custom packaging is not bad at all. Including shipping?

When is the rum set to come out?

I'm going to make a rum complete with bottle cap and package for less than 1.70 and still make a good portion of money off of it. So every penny counts.
I'm going to go toe to toe with Paramount distillers here in Iowa.
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In about a month or so.

Red Boot brand name

Havana Judge Rum

It's a 125 year old recipe my family had that originated from Cuba. It came from a relative of mine that had a cigar factory in Burlington, IA in the late 1800's . One of the cigar he made was called "Havana Judge". He use to get some of his tobacco from Cuba and some of the shipments contained bootlegged rum and after a while he was able to get the recipe.

I'm super excited about the new product.

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I got your email and it looks like you guys do awesome work. But to try to sell at my price it is way to much money. I'm go the start making the rum for $3.40 a bottle, and that is with the $2.14 fed tax.

Can you send me more info and samples because we have a Bourbon coming out in about 4-6 months and are looking for ideas.


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