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Howdy From Roots Distillery, Bay Area CA

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Hello Craft Distillers!

My name is Clay Graham, and I am the founder of Roots Distillery, a Bay Area whiskey and shine distiller with a love of mixing old Tennessee traditions with the culinary craft and startup agility of the Bay Area.

I am really excited to come here and participate in this community, and I am really looking forward to meeting all of Ya'll and talking about crafting spirits. There are some real mentors here!

Our first product is called Bandit, and its a hand crafted clean tasting moonshine with a clear corn and rye flavor. We are also creating what we call "botanical shines" which are flavor balanced shines infused with local herbs in separate flavor runs and then blended.

I will keep it short, and let my participation speak for itself, but I want to invite every one of you to check out our website and follow us on twitter.

Contact us for any reason! We love it!

Clay Graham


Roots Distillery


twitter: @rootsdistillery


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Botanical 'Shines is an interesting concept...I'll be looking forward to trying your product!

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