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carton assembly for bulk bottles


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I'm considering purchasing bulk bottles for the first time. I've always had bottles delivered in cartons: dump out, fill, repack.

Question for those who receive them bulk packed: how time consuming and difficult is it to assemble all your cartons?

If anyone has experience with both, that would be a most helpful comparison.

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One guy can build cartons with partitions at about 100 an hour with practice. The boxes are easier than the partitions. When stacking your boxes, don't drop stacks of them from waist height, as they will rip the corners of the bottom box.

Two guys working together (one on boxes, on on partitions) can bang out 400-500 before lunch.

One other piece of advice: have them ship your bulk bottles on half-height pallets. Otherwise you will be unloading bottles with your ladder, and that's not fun.

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I know a great supplier not far from you. I'll PM you my rep's info. She's very smart, and used to work actually making boxes, so she knows her poop.

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I have a lot of experience in packing both bulk bottles and in carton form. For bulk packaging, shipping on a container, we wrap the bulk bottles in plastic and place strong cardboard dividers in between each row and secure the corners with 5 layer corrugated cardboard. For cartons, we place the bottles in your custom design carton with partitions and then place in a master box to keep them dry while in the container. After they are on pallets we wrap again with plastic and secure the corners with 5 layer cardboard.

Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer.


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Daveflintstone, good question. The inserts we had were assembled...that is, pre-slotted and folded, so all we had to do was pop them out and insert them (actually, they are no treat to insert) Our inserts were a relatively thin stock, which made them a bit floppy going in.

We also built our beer cartons by hand, with 4 six pack carriers going into each mother carton. They were a little quicker to do, but that might have been because we had more practice with them!

I have done inserts that were shipped with just die cut patterns, and they were a bear to do. Unless you build a little jig to make them, they can be a little frustrating to put together. Just buy them pre cut and assembled...!

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