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Single or Double runs with a Thumper


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I don't know anyone making a full flavored spirit with a single distillation on anything but a column still (if it has bubble plates, it's not a potstill). Not saying it's not done, just saying that it seems that the standard on a potstill is double distillation - even with a thumper or some other form of extra reflux (I can think of two distilleries off the top of my head that double distill though either a thumper or a copper packed potstill)

I'd be hard pressed to not recommend anyone with whatever configuration of potstill to plan on a double distillation, and make adjustments from there.

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Caribbean style double thumper will give you similar results to a 4 plate hybrid column still.

while I am a pragmatist, I do love a good story, a traditional rum made in the traditional way would be very appealing to me.

single run, first thumper preloaded with tails, second thumper preloaded with heads. should give you a very traditional Carribean style rum.

but there are many ways to skin a cat, and you have to decide what sort of product you want to make, and your process should be set to accommodate that goal.

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