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Sample of a Federal Application


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I am starting to work on my federal DSP and would like a little help. I have read all of the 27 CFR sections and would like to save some time by using an approved application as a guide/template.

Would anyone be interested in helping me out? I can sign a non-disclosure document, if that puts anyone at ease.

Thanks for the help.

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Part of the application process is getting your head rapped around CFR 27 with all of its sections and sub-sections. Using someone's information will void that process for you and will show up in a lack of understanding in the future as you proceed down this path. One thing I can offer that worked for us was to read CFR 27 as written in the third person and answer questions and apply your process and systems in the first person. ie: you shall implement...... becomes we will implement....... Hope this helps.

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As a (no longer practicing) attorney, I can understand your concern zrmcm1. However I believe now that this is an entirely online application, the formatting is taken care of for you. When I used to file trademark applications on paper, it was a pain ensuring everything was properly formatted. Now, it's a breeze.

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