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Limestone Branch and Fire


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A friend of mine is a large retailer of moonshine, he is selling a lot of Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine but it seems deliveries are being held up. Apparently a couple of months ago there was a fire(?) or some catastrophe at Lime stone Branch. The word is that Troy and Sons is the new distiller for Climax Moonshine. My distillery is 50 miles from Tim & Tickles stomping ground, so of course inquiring minds would like to know what the truth is.

In this part of country Moonshine is a big deal, as it is ground zero for what the TV viewing public sees. People are constantly asking so I'd like to dispel with supposition and give out the facts.

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That sucks for him, I think the TV show was a very good thing for him, even if it is like south beach tow, and totally fake drama, it brought him a lot of attention and interest. He was located a little ways off the beaten path, someone could pretty easily break in and no one would notice. I had a little trouble finding him when I went by visiting.

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