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ABV to Proof on Label


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I have my COLA approval for one my white rum, and I am waiting for the barreled product approval. I have gotten the approval with "40% Alcohol by Volume" shown on the label. I am considering changing my barreled product to use "80 Proof" instead. The actual proof will almost certainly be higher, but I know this is okay to change so long as it corresponds with the bottle contents. My question is: Do I need to do an entire resubmission for the change on the barreled?

I should be days from approval on it based on the previous COLA submission, and I don't want to throw a wrench in the works.

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I don't think you can use "80 proof" instead... only in addition to. I believe you have to at least have the ABV, and the proof is optional. Can't have proof without ABV.

Or maybe I'm totally missing the point of your question.

nAlcohol content must be stated in % alcohol by volume, i.e.,
nFor products containing solid material, the alcohol content must be stated as
Rye” is an example of a product containing solid material. It contains rock
candy or sugar syrup and often fruit)Vol 2 1-3 04/2007
Alcohol content may be expressed in degrees proof in addition to the required
alcohol by volume statement. If the proof is shown it must appear at least
once on the FRONT of the container with the alcohol by volume statement
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