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Any aficionados on Irish Whiskey?


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Are there any aficionados on Irish Whiskey here? I would be curious to know what makes Irish Whiskey so distinct. Is it just the fact that it comes from Irealnd?

I think it might be the pee.

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Scotch is mainly my field, but I've interrogated....I mean asked a couple Irish Whisky brand ambassadors about the category. So, don't think this information is coming from an "aficionado."

A large part of their uniqueness is from the half malted barley in what they call "Pot whisky." Not all Irish Whisky is made this way, but a large part of it is. Also, the weather in Ireland is very mild most of the year, this largely effects the way it ages in the barrel. That's why Irish Whiskies are usually pretty mellow.

-Tufted Turtle

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Canadian whiskey, is blended 20-30% properly distilled full flavored Whiskey, and 70-80% neutral spirit.

once blended it re enters the cask for up to a year before bottling. now the neutral spirit has to age for the same length of time as the "real whiskey", but typically does so in 10x used barrels that give of very little character.

I have been told that Irish whiskey is made much in the same way, blending with neutral is what gives its light flavor (though they like to say its because it was triple distilled)

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