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Closeout Sale - Fermentis Red Star (RS) Yeast

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We are closing out our stocks of Fermentis Red Star Yeast which is a great yeast for producing bourbon, rye whisky, malt whisky, etc...

The yeast is packaged in 10 kg sachets and each is available for $85 (+ shipping) which equates to $3.86 per pound. If you have been buying this yeast in the small, 500 gram packets, this pricing offers a substantial savings as this would equate to only .$ 4.25 per 500 grams! With careful handling and cool storage, this yeast may be repackaged for batch use. This is a one time, fixed sale price, no additional discounts are available. Spec sheet is attached to this posting.


Eric Watson

AlBevCon LLC


Fermentis Red Star Whisky Yeast.pdf

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