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Sourcing Dried Corn In Washington State


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Hey everyone it's time to make a whiskey at the distillery and I have been searching for a Corn supplier in Washington state that I could buy my corn from, I'm looking for up to 12,000+ of the stuff in the next year any ideas? also any recommendations of mash tun screen hole sizes? we are converting a 350 gallon ss tank into a mash tun. ANy other recommendations of mashing for bourbons would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone.



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Lautering with corn is a bear. The smallest particles from your grind go through your screen and make something that looks JUST like polenta in a big cake under the screen. It can be done, but I recommend NOT lautering corn.

If it's a 100% corn mash, at least you can feed all your friends!

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Thanks guys for the valuable info, I just went this morning a checkout some local distilleries that produce bourbons or other corn based products and only one of them lautered (after fermentation) but the rest gave me the same answers as you all did. I truly am learning more everyday from my sometimes whacky questions. We are also looking into making a single malt while using a local brewery to do our mashing. any tips on this one?



Oh and thanks for the humor Ham Handed Philanderer!

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Yeah corn can just be no fun if lautering or separating. As I'm learning as well.

If your having a local brewery doing your mash for a single malt, well that's convenient in terms of production.

Especially if you can work closely with them on mashing procedures. As far as tips go just be sure they are making to your spec and at the same time they are doing what they feel is best.

Also grain, Corn shouldn't be an issue. Are you close to rural areas? I asked a question like this about a month ago and somebody said to check your local Ag extension through a university.

Roughly a month later and I have Barley, Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn and possible custom planting just 40 minutes up the road. Worked out great!!

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we use great western for our malt needs out of vancouver. I use scratch and peck out of bellingham for my corn. they will mill it to your specifications. I hate corn, someday I will figure out an easier way to process it. I am using a mash tun currently and it is a long process to boil and do multiple rests and get it out into the fermenter.

Dave Tucker

Tucker Distillery


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