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Finally ~ New 750 ml Mason Jars for Moonshine

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Hey Distillers,

In the next month we will have two new 750 ml Mason style jars available. Meet the new Jim Henry & Mayberry Jars made here in the US!

In the image below the 750 ml Mayberry is the second bottle from the left of the 25 oz Mason jar (old mould) which is there to show the difference in height and style. The bottle to the right of the Mayberry is the Jim Henry which is slightly different as it has concave sides for ease of holding. The last bottle is the 50 ml Mayberry, but to have it made I need to generate some numbers to justify the minimum run as it will be made to order so if you are looking for a really nice nip bottle for moonshine then let me know and I will see if I can get a production date.

If anyone needs further information please get in touch with me.





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