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Homeless in Minneapolis

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Hi all,

Nordeast Spirits LLC is the latest distillery in Minneapolis. Located in the heart of North East Minneapolis, we are currently homeless and looking for a space. Hoping to have some product moving by the beginning of 2015!

I'm new to this website but I'm sure I'll be on here a lot from now on!

Thanks in advance for any help and thanks also to those who have helped me so far.

Cheers, Austin

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Isn't DuNord in Minneapolis? Worried about two "Nord" named distilleries in the same city? Well good luck on your future home search. My advice- the problems with having too little space are more significant than having too much space.

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Yeah, well it's kinda too late to change the name now what with the LLC, bank account, web site, facebook etc. all set up.

Besides I don't think you can start a distillery in Minneapolis without the letter NOR in the name,

Noresman, Du Nord, Wander North, Nordeast Spirits.....lol I think it will be OK!

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