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I-still 250 comes with American 220v kit, iCatalyst 250 and 4 hours Consultancy

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Distilling made easy iStill 250

The boiler has a gross capacity of 280 litres and can hold up to 250 litres of wash, low wines or water.

The iStill 250 is a fully automated, electrically heated fractionating column with pot, water, and bio ethanol distillation functionality.

This still has been used once to test functionality and it work as the website says it does,

So if you were looking to buy it with no wait here is your chance, there isn't any wait shipping from Philadelphia.

Our distillery doesn't need this kind of still but your might. Any questions please e-mail us at

The iStill 250 is the perfect set up for micro distilleries.

Need More info see there website

see http://www.istill.eu for more info on the still


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