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source for wheat milled or not


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We are a Med sized distillery in Central Virginia and I have been getting great local milled corn, Rye etc but our red wheat source is very unreliable. I need a temporary source until I can establish a new local wheat source probably next year. Id like 50lb premilled bagged but we can mill as well. We are wanting to experiment with some red wheat in what may be our bourbon.



operations Manager

Silverback distillery LLC

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My experience is that Briess is really expensive for the unmalted grains. I've had great success with James Beck at Cereal Byproducts. They're a broker that can get you good spot prices with very reasonable freight. He may not serve your region, but may be able to point you in the right direction. Here's his contact information:

James Beck

Ingredient Specialist

Cereal Byproducts Company®

Serving the Feed and Food Industries Since 1917

55 E. Euclid Ave. Suite 410, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

847-818-1550 Phone | 847-370-7952 Cell | 847-818-1659 Fax



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