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New Distillery - Arvada, Colorado

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Hi All,

We're Rado Distilling and we're opening up in Arvada, CO over on I-76 and Sherridan. We're focusing on distilling locally grown products starting with sugar beets from Ft. Morgan and hopefully moving on to Brandies and Whiskies in the next couple of years. For our sugar beet "Rum" we are going to be mixing it into cocktails that we'll be cannign in house.

I'm glad to finaly be posting here since you guys have been helping us out for the last two years as we've be getting up and running and we just got our TTB permit submitted on the 17th of October.


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Congrats on getting on your way. Good location you've set up in... right around the corner from Dairy Engineering, Grudge MMA training center (not sure how useful that'll be), and a couple miles from Rocky Mountain Barrel.

Best of luck on the rest of the journey.

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Thanks, It's been very convienent to have the Dairy Engineering guys around for sourcing used tanks and pumps.

The Silver Vines winery production facility and Odyssey Beerworks Brewery are with in a couple of blocks as well and hopefully light rail in 2016.

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