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Wort Oxygenation


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Curious what methods others are using for wort oxygenation? Compressed air or O2 tanks?

For cost purposes, ease of use, and to eliminate the risk of over-oxygenating with pure O2 I'm thinking of trying compressed air.

This is what I have in mind to use with a small oilless compressor and an inline filter for sterility when pumping from heat exchanger to fermenter:


I'm fermenting/ distilling on-grain so my thought is that this method will be easier to clean and maintain than a diffusion stone.

Any thoughts?

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I think that pumping into the top and letting it splash as it goes into the fermenter should be fine. I have never had any fermentation issues and that is the extent that I do things. I have also fermented in the mash cooker when all fermenters are in use and in that case I just pump air in via the bottom outlet of the tank with a mash hose (with air diaphragm pump). As I started out I worried about all these things and enough bought an 02 meter that I have never used. I would try without first.

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We run O2 at our brewery, but as other have said, that may be overkill in a distillery. Having said that, the O2 is very cheap and may be a small investment that gets you somewhat healthier/quicker fermentations. We aerate inline at 4l/m (which again could likely be lowered in this application) and a $50 300cuft tank will easilly aerate 6000+gallons

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