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Looking for any leads I can get on a supplier of boxes/sleeves. Our bottles were delivered in boxes of 12 and we'd like to distribute our spirits in six packs. Our bottle is a St. Louis Oval.

Phil Casey

Frankfort Spirits, Inc.


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Talk to your distributor first, in many cases they break down the cases into whatever their customer wants, so you shouldn't have to buy new cartons, you can just get by with putting a label on the cases you have. If you really feel strongly about buying cartons call Tom Lenkart at Champion Container 708-989-9008.

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Boxes are almost always cheapest from whatever local packaging companies are near you. Cardboard is very cheap to make, so all the cost is in transportation.

This is true. I worked in a box factory 10 odd years ago. The vast majority of corrugated container manufacturers just sell regionally for that reason.

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Hello! Happy to be a new ADI member and exhibiting for first time at Spirits Conference - Booth 609. TimBar is a designer and manufacturer of luxury packaging, corrugated cartons and point of purchase displays servicing the Eastern U.S. since 1955. Learn more by visiting us at the show, on-line at www.timbar.com or send an email to sales@timbar.com. We look forward to meeting you all in Louisville!

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