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IFC Fire code- F1?


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So how many people are rated F1 with the IFC? What are your allowable quantities ? Once you bottle or barrel are those quantities exempt from the totals?

We have hired an architect but they have never done a distillery before. They are saying that they think we have to be H2 and that bottles/barrels are NOT exempt from the volume totals. Any real world info would help a ton!

We are in a building with sprinklers-

Thanks for any help !!

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My county says I'm F1 and once it's in bottles or barrels its exempt. They said I don't need sprinklers until either 8k or 12k sq/ft . I forget since I'm nowhere near that. And I'm only allowed (again I forget exactly) 30 or 60 g open on the floor. I built new and they only made put a 2500g tank designated fire, and kept full at all times, but I am very rural, nowhere near city limits 2 miles out a dirt road, and the county isn't really messing with me at all once we got past an engineered septic and some well issues in the beginning.

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Don't forget if there's a tasting room in your future, it won't be F1. As long as the tasting room is < 50 occupant load you may get away with B, otherwise it's A2 which requires sprinklers. Sprinklers will double your MAQs too (60 gal of open class 1A/B/C). IFC 3401.2 is the bottle / wooden barrel exemption.

F1/A2 mixed use with sprinklers is really what to shoot for IMO.

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