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Hello from DR Distillery in Western PA

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We are a new distillery located outside Slippery Rock Pa on a farm where we have purpose built a distillery and tasting / sales room with a pavilion outside as well. Its been a lengthy but enjoyable process and several folks we met here have been a great help along the way.

At the moment we are in production with our corn whiskey, finishing up testing on Rye, and beginning testing on our vodka recipe. We anticipate our grand opening for the public in June. We are running a 250 gal pot still w/ thumper and a smaller test still that we can run w/ pot head or column. Our primary large fermenters are open top cypress and we are running smaller plastic fermenters for micro bacth and test batches. We are fortunate to have multiple spring water sources, including one at the distillery property, and plenty of local farms for all our grains.

Thanks to those who have helped along the way and we look forward to being an active part of this site.

DR Distillery

Keister Road

Slippery Rock, PA

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Thanks for the welcome! We had been looking at this venture for several years and finally decided to go ahead with it after alot of research, visits, and seeing the laws (on tasting rooms, sales by the bottle & glass, etc) open up here in PA a couple of years ago. With a love of whiskey / a family heritage in the old days of white liquor, we decided to take the plunge...

I may give you a shout to talk about chilling options. I built a basic closed loop system for condenser cooling water that has been sufficient for both stills so far but I'm pretty sure the system will need some extra cooling later in the summer. Thanks again!


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We will be doing a traditional rye in both aged and unaged versions. Of course the unaged will be under a specialty category. We planned on that being the second spirit released but interest in rum and flavored whiskey is such that those will be released before the rye.

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