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TTB table 1 proof calculator


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Nice sheet! can we get the guy to alter it so that it works with decimals? I checked against table 1 and it doesn't seem to do take tenths of a degree F/proof into account. If you input 100 proof at 71.5 deg F it gives you the same reading as 100 proof at 71.0 deg F.

Useful for on the go proofing, but I'd still use table 1 with manual adjustments for the 1/10th place for final proofing. If you used that sheet when bottling you'd be off to a degree that TTB wouldn't like very much.

** Correction:

After a little more looking it does appear to take decimals of proof into account, but does not take decimals of degrees F into account. I'm a little too much of a caveman to figure out how to add that capability to the sheet. Any ideas?


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It looks like it just references the wrong cell at the end. The formula for C25 reads =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(F10),AND(ISNUMBER(F11),ISNUMBER(F12))),ROUND(C21,1),"INVALID"), When it should read =........,ROUND(C22,1),"INVALID"). All of the temperature corrections are performed, the final output cell simply points to the wrong place. Is this correct?

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Your entry for 168 proof at 30F is off by many hundreds. The ttb requires the use of this table. We all know that 168@30 is 716.9 proof.

I too have converted table 1 into digital form. The above was the most egregious typo made in 1913. A few entries are illegible from the 1970's era xeroxing.

I'll, when I have some free time (like that happens), compare my table to yours.

I used OCR and then wrote a program to statistically analyze the data and flag entries for empirical verification.

I've written a command line program to use the table; an iOS version is in the works; possibly a desktop version at some point.

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Remember that you must "adjust" for errors in the way hydrometers and thermometers read. All instruments contain errors and if you want accurate proofing, you must account for the errors built into them. In days of yore, all of the government hydrometers and thermometers had correction tables. The TTB website contains an example of a correction table. You can find it at: http://ttb.gov/pdf/sample-calibration-report.pdf.

It appears that this calculator is actually an interpolation tool. That's great, but it is only going to provide results that are as good as ... what is the saying, "garbage in, garbage out."

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