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Best Rum Book?


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The Distiller's Guide to Rum by ADI press is a great place to start.

More technical info can be found in forums, although it tends to be from a home-distiller's perspective. Artisan-distiller.net has some great threads about all kinds of rum styles. Their threads about infected dunder pit style rums are really informative.

Once you get more advanced in your study, Rafael Arroyo's patent on high ester rums is a great resource as well.

Google will get you to all these items.

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I've actually read Arroyo's heavy rum patent, awesome read. And haha artisan-distiller's dunder pit thread is legendary, also a great read.

I will pick up that book though thank you! Looks like good info.

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Arroyo's patent isn't too difficult to follow with some extrapolation and adjustments in method, ingredients, scale, equipment. I am going to be using a variation on his patent very soon, as the results are exciting and worth the effort.

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