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spray nozzle for hose - anyone found one that isn't 100$ and holds up


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This one is cheap compared to some others, definitely a "get what you pay for" kind of item? This one is made from brass. The aluminum ones are about 20% less and the stainless steel bodies are about twice the price.

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I use this:


I really like it because you can feed a little hose inside of an IBC and point it at the ceiling of the tote and power spray the top inside. I can never get a good angle with the pistol grip type. They are super durable and you don't have to depress a lever to spray.

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We have used the same brass "Super Klean" for almost ten years. Worth $100 for something you will use multiple times daily? Get a really good hose too. Poor quality tools are frustrating and not worth the time/money wasted.

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