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vacuum still

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yes and no. If it is not made correct it will collapse.

You run the same set up. off of your normal condenser you put a Y there and have it go to two collection "pods" you pull a vac on each pod. When one fills up you switch to the other. While you are drawing one you are filling up the other. Vac stills are really cool. If you pull a really big vac on one you can distill at 100F or less, it takes very very little heat.

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+1 on the Rotary Evaporators. A buddy has one and its really cool! Check em out, at least for design ideas. It uses a cryogenic type freezer set up for cooling. Perty neat piece of equipment. Runs a tiny little batch, maybe 5 gallons, but way cool tech.

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Yeah, that's kinda what I had in mind scrounge but interestingly when oils are in there they become a little difficult to pour out.

One thing I've considered is making a metal rotary container and using a band heater. I just don't know how to have it move and still make electrical contact?

Anyone have any ideas on how you might do that?

This way you woukd not need a water bath and you could just hang it upside down on a clamp to pour it.

This gets more into perfume making than distilling but the ideas sort of blend here.

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