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Just starting distillery couple months from now.

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Anyone have idea for best program to keep us legal with Federal and state for our production and sales as well as inventory etc.I know it's complicated to say the least.And don't laugh i have no background in this business but willing to learn and i better do it fast.

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I would also recommend Don at Whiskey Resources - he's a great, knowledgable guy with a lot of experience. Also, if you need any assistance with Federal Permit application/compliance issues, Jim McCoy is the top guy out there that I know of. He worked for TTB for 30+ years before becoming a consultant.

I work for a law firm that handles various federal permit issues for industry members who run into legal issues/TTB administrative actions along the way (which hopefully you never have to deal with!). Best of luck with your new business venture!


Niekamp & Associates, LLC

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