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Hello from Florida and New York

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I am Steve Pariso,

I am a distiller, setting up a whiskey distillery in New York.

In the past, I worked on projects like Netscape, AOL, CompuServe and many others.

I was disappointed that there was no place where we can auction or sell our used equipment or find new equipment or supplies. So, I put together a small team, and put one together.

This one is for US. It is _less than eBay_ with more focus on our industry. I hope it can become self sufficient. The small seller fees will go toward support, servers, maintenance, moderation, and promotion.

I hope you enjoy: http://barrelbid.comAmerican Barrel Exchange

Artisan just posted some great stills (they were the very first!):



Others will follow. I am also sending out t-shirts to get everyone involved. The site is live, feel free to sell or buy.

Back to distillery planning!

If you ever have any questions, always just shout anytime. I really hope that this resource helps all of us.

I can't wait for another ADI conference already.

All my best wishes,


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Thanks guys,

I'm just trying to figure out the appropriate place to start the thread.

For me, putting together tech stuff is just enjoyable: it was a pleasure. I'm happy if this helps and hope it finds enough volume to support itself.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is a very important tech custom of sending out shirts to celebrate every new project. We just sent thousands of shirts. I learned my lesson: we are folding shirts in our sleep now. (haha) I hope they all make it through snail-mail okay, and I hope everyone wears large.

Matt, side note: your bottling is amazing! Really great!

Anyone have any suggestions on where I should start the thread?

All my best wishes,


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Welcome to the show.

Damn son. You beat me to the punch..by around 6 months. I was just getting ready to start putting together on how to make an internet source for buying and selling used barrels cause I am going to need them in the future and you seemed to do all the work for me. Thanks and I hope it takes off as with the growth of the micro-distillery, barrels might become solid business.

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