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St. Pats impeller pump

Palmetto Coast

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If I recall, St. Pat's sold a few different styles of European flex impeller pumps over the years. Got a picture of the pump head? I might know some places that sell heads from the same manufacturer.

You might also ask St. Pat's the name of the manufacturer and model number of the pump head to make it easier to find spares in the future.

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Hi Todd,

Ah, ok. We've actually been speaking to Enoitalia. They're looking for a US distributor since St. Pats stopped carrying pumps. I guess no one's picked up the ball yet.

We already have a good line of FIP pumps, so I don't think we'll start carrying their stuff. Still, we regularly get shipments from Europe and we can definitely get spares on a best-effort basis. Let us know what you need and when you need it.

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Does anyone have an extra impeller for an Enoitalia Euro-50 pump that they can overnight us? We'll pay + shipping costs. We have been waiting for 8 days for our order. Received confirmation that the order was placed 8 days ago. Our account was never charged and we have not received confirmation of it shipping. Does anyone have any idea how we can get this $130 part rather than buying a new $2000+ pump?

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