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Can different corn have different amounts of tails


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Hi Everyone, I thought I would bounce this off the forum.

I switched corn producers about 5 months ago. Supposedly its a typical feed corn and I'm following the same exact cooking/mashing/converting/fermenting/distilling regime as before. SG is the same at around 1.069 and an FG of roughly 1.005. But it seems I'm getting less hearts. Ratio changes are.... About 50% less heads, about 25% less hearts and a lot more tails.

Anyone else see a change in tails amount if they switched corn? I can understand how different species of corn could give a different flavor but changes in the ratio of outputs?

Its not a big issue when I'm doing vodka as it all gets cleaned up in the end but my shine is only hearts and less hearts yield is not a good thing....

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Depends on how the Corn is stored for long term storage. Corn may be dried if too moist before storage to prevent mold and heat build up in silos. It may then dry out even more during storage.

I guess you can get various samples and test them.

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