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iSpring Reverse Osmosis, On the Go Tri-Bed Deionizer, 2 Aquapure SS Filter Housings

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I have three items up for sale

Pictures upon request, file size of each picture was to large

Contact: Kyle, Gintern@watersheddistillery.com

Shipping costs not included, prices are slightly negotiable

1. iSpring Reverse Osmosis- $200

-Paid $500 new
-Specs: http://www.amazon.com/iSpring-RCB4T-Tankless-Commercial-Electric/dp/B0040IOU5E

2. On the Go Tri-Bed Deionizer- $1250
-Paid $2300 new
-Portable water softener
-Picture of the quote and specs available through email

3. (2) Aquapure SS Filter Housings- $100 each
-$209 each brand new
-Will come with all the filters provided in the pictures
-Will be just the separate metal housings, not the piping attaching the two housings
-Specs: http://www.aquapurefilters.com/store/product/200092.200081/sst1ha.html?utm_source=google&utm_term=sst1ha&utm_campaign=Models+%28AP%29&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sTgWo83Fn|pcrid|36199407727|pkw|sst1ha|pmt|p|&gclid=CjwKEAjwzuisBRClgJnI4_a96zwSJACAEZKecr5ApbbkgAUaIWEf1RG3t2nUD6CYtitaT-JewewToxoCULzw_wcB

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They are not new... The iSpring RO system was our first and purchased new in 2012. We have not used it in a couple years but is still in working order. The Deionizer was in operation until last month and was purchased new in 2014. The two aquapure SS filter housing were new in 2011. All of this equipment is lightly used and in great shape. We just purchased a large Kinetico softener/carbon/ro system that replaces everything we had and don't need it any longer. Hope that helps!


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