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TTB and tasting room


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Hello, I have been denied federal permit approval due to my tasting room having access to the DSP. TTB says the tasting room has to have an outside entrance and no access to the DSP. Every distillery I have visited or researched has access to the DSP through the tasting room. One I visited, as soon as you walk through the front door you are standing in the DSP, tasting area and retail sales area all at the same time. What am I missing? Is the TTB cracking down on its own laws now and not before? Did the other distilleries misrepresent what they are doing? Any thoughts or direction will be appreciated. If you do not want to post your ideas here an email can be sent to r-slick@msn.com.


Slick Distillery LLC

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Does the tasting room and distillery have their own separate, clearly marked entrances on the drawings you submitted to TTB? You shouldn't have a problem as you describe as long as you meet that requirement. Ask them to cite in the CFR regulations exactly the rule you are breaking.


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Yes, they are cracking down. Just because you have been to a distillery that violates the rules does not mean they will let you. You can access the DSP through the tasting room, but the tasting room must be (1) fully controlled (owned or leased) by you only, (2) not part of the DSP, (3) physically isolated and secure from DSP by wall and locked door. Also, DSP must have an entrance to the street or other public thoroughfare, although it can be through other property you own or lease.

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