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Testing the waters, possibly selling a Charentais still currently under construction


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I have been in the process of building a 225 gallon all copper, made in USA, Charentais still. The preheater is 135+ gallons (even though the drawing says 185, the design was modified), and the condenser barrel is 225 gallons as well. The onion type still head is all copper and hand formed. All seams are TIG welded, and the bottoms of all the vessels are welded then filled with lead free solder as an extra sealing agent. The drain is a 2" pipe with a lead free brass ball valve. All the lyne arm components will be copper and stainless tri-clamps with the preheater return featuring the same 2" lead free ball valve. The worm inside the condenser will be 1" all copper tubing. The still has been under construction for two months now, and was contracted to be finished by mid September.

I'm not completely sure as to what will happen, but the intended client has run into some financing issues, leaving me holding the bag with all of my personal and business bills stacking up. I'm testing the waters to see if there might be any interest on here in purchasing this unit from me. I really don't want to pull the rug from under my client, but the reality is that I need to keep my house and keep the bill collectors off my ass. If there is anyone on here interested, please send me a private message and we can discuss the possibilities.

Here are some pics of the project so far:

Initial design layout:


Onion head during fabrication:


Onion head and cape during fabrication:


Onion head and cape welded to the boiler:


Preheater domed bottom welded in and domed top fitted:


Flanged edge of the condenser barrel:


Welded in bottom of the condenser:


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