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Bottling - Cleaning bottles and filtering product


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I'm about to start my first bottling, and I have some pretty basic questions. (I'm trying not to call them stupid.)

-Is it essential to rinse the bottles before filling them with our gin? They look pretty clean currently.

-Assuming that it is essential, does anybody have any suggestions for the most economic and time effective approach to rinsing?

-I'm also looking for an economic and effective approach to filtering. I am just trying to keep out particulates. We are using a six bottle Mori filler.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello MTNMAN22,

You might have gotten the Mori filler from TCW. They also offer a rinser/sparger and a closed loop filter system which also you to rinse the bottle with your proofed product. We use our proofed product in the rinser tank that then rinses two bottles at once and then the system blow Argon gas into the bottle for an adjustable amount of time. This ensures that your proof is not effected by water rinsining and you don't have to figure out how to keep 500 - 1000 bottles upside down over night. We rinse/sparge then immediately hand to the filler where bottles are continually being filled by another person, capped by another, then down the table to the labeler. We filled 40 cases yesterday with 2 - 3 people. Labeling is being done today.

Good luck.

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