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I have worked on a couple in ag areas or areas where a hole deep enough to bury a glycol or water storage tank.

One uses a chiller with second loop exchanger to take the water from the underground concrete cistern colder for the mash cooling and summer use (TN/KY border distillery).

The other uses a underground fiberglass tank that pumps the glycol mix underground to a dry air/glycol cooler which can chill the glycol colder and at night (S. MO in the mountains).

The MO distillery has been using their new add-on cooling for a year and the TN distillery hasn't completed construction as yet, but will be up and running before years end.

In most cases in the far North, the most economical way to go is a drycooler where a backup chiller may only be needed in summer. I am finishing one project that an ambient hybrid cooler will plan to run only 2-3 months for primary mash cooling and finished with Great Lakes water, but will provide most all still requirements. The mash cooling also reclaims heat for the next batch of mash, saving on boiler btu's since the city (Great Lakes) water is still cold, even in summer.

I would like to talk to you about your design as I may have some products that would work well with your geothermal design.


Mike Gronski


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