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Equipment malfunction


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  • 3 weeks later...

Looks like just a case of being extra safe... "one of the small stills had overflowed with hot liquid and steam" my bet is cooling water flow stopped... combustible gas sensors are cheap insurance and in my opinion more valuable than sprinklers... I have 3 "Drager Polytron 2 XP" and a enmet CP-60 control panel to read from one location. You learn very quickly what it takes to get to 20%LEL (which is quite a lot, actually).

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From the articles comments

"The “scare” was caused by nothing more than water boiling in a still, causing excessive steam. There was never a danger presented to the public. We do not use any type of pressurized equipment so there is no chance of anything ever being able to “explode” under pressure. We understand the concerns that folks had when they saw the windows steamed up and appreciate the response from the Olympia fire department so they could investigate the situation and assure the neighborhood that there was no threat. – Lesa Givens, co-owner, Blind Pig Spirits"

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