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Distillery Equipment for Sale

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Located in San Francisco, CA

Total height of assembled kettle and column is approximately 13 feet tall. Copper and Stainless Steel construction.  Designed with multiple configuration options.

Boiling Kettle:

- 375 gallon capacity

- 304 stainless construction, steam / water jacket rated to 75 psi. 4 additional ports for heating element if desired.

- Polished interior, sanitary fittings, probe and view ports.  spray ball for cleaning.

- Bottom of kettle has a 2 inch sanitary fitting for easy drainage and cleaning.



- 8 inch diameter with 8 bubble plates

- The four interior plates are removable and can be added or removed.

- 304 stainless construction with copper caps, tubes and downcomers with 12 inch flanges.

- Splits into four sections

- Column cap has ports for a Dephlegmator if desired.


Condenser included.


Equipment was originally registered with federally licensed distillery in New Hampshire but is currently San Francisco, California.

Asking $36,000


Phone: (603)969-1404




image1 (2).JPG

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