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Looking to purchase a new or used still


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I'm interested in purchasing a new or used copper still for my business. We have an existing setup that we'd like to upgrade in the near future. An ideal setup would be a 250 - 500 gallon pot still (and we'd consider as small as 125 gallon), with a steam jacket and, ideally, an agitator. Any associated equipment is of interest as well, including mash tuns, fermenters, receiving tanks, etc. That said, we will want to square away the still prior to or at the same time that we order other equipment so that we ensure that the sizing is right.

We have some flexibility as far as what we ultimately purchase so we're willing to consider a moderately wide range of options in size and specs. For the right opportunity we can act very quickly if needed.

If you have any equipment for sale that you think fits into the range of what I've laid out please feel free to let us know.






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Hi Arch,

We have equipment at a much better price than our competitors. We have equipment in over 90 distilleries and you can go visit our equipment and see it in operation. We have a very comprehensive reference list as well. To see our 300 gallon stills click on this link or paste it into your browser: https://distillery-equipment.com/300_gallon_still.htm Scroll down the page to see all of the different stills. Please note that all of our prices are listed and they are less than 1/2 the price of the other guy. Our quality is exceptional. We also have fermenters, Mash cookers, Low pressure steam boilers, mash pumps and ethanol pumps. Email us for a quote and reference list at paul@distillery-equipment.com or call and ask for Paul or Susan at 417-778-6100

Thank you

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Hi Arch,

Why not to get your equipment from China directly? It will save you lots of money.

We have sold several sets of Copper Stills for the USA market, please contact me if you want to check our Stills on site.

Kind Regards

David Ding

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