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Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2016


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I received a copy today.

I know this is one persons opinions, but he has judged Tasmanian whiskies highly

If he scores between 94 and 97.5 "Superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live"

My Belgrove Rye scored 94.5 :)

Other Tasmanians Lark, Sullivans Cove, Overeem and Nant, and Heartwood all had scores in this range.

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Dont forget to mention Crown Royal Rye Whiskey as dram of the year. I've had it. I wasn't enthralled. How can I get a bottle of your Rye (and congrats!) ?

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye at 45% was the winner. Is that the one you tried? It scored 97.5 total. It scored 24.5 for Taste, my Belgrove 100% Rye also scored 24.5 for taste.

It has taken me 6 years

This "Speakeasy" section is for giving yourself a "pat on the back". It has taken me 6 years from deciding to build a distillery to getting this score.

I am sorry, it is almost impossible to send a bottle to USA. I used to post a few but recently they have been sent back as "Dangerous Goods"

I am thinking about going to the San Diego conference. Could bring some with me.

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