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2.9 million reasons and then none

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Grand Teton got a 2.9 million dollar grant?? To build a distillery?? Holy crap on a stick and I'll eat a bug, that's ridiculous. I guess someone else thought the same as the grant has been rescinded.

I'm all for easing government restrictions and incentivizing (goodness knows I wish my local government would ease up), but no way should any small business be handed 2.9 million tax dollars to enrich themselves.

Nothing personal Grand Teton, but Jesus H. Christmas cookies, no one business should be put on a plateau above others. Especially one 2.9 million dollars high.

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Hi there,

Well put daveflintstone! We are distillers in Wyoming and were part of the group that went in front of the issuing council to ask that the grant be rescinded. The issue is still pending however and will be up for another vote in March. We expressed our concerns about the 2.9 million dollar plateau as you put it and what effect that would have on the distilleries in the state. The council is currently doing more research into the industry in Wyoming but it is possible that the grant will still be given. Stay tuned! I would love to hear from anyone on the forum about any similar circumstances in your home states or about the general structure of grants and incentives your states offers to this or other industries to see if there are any parallels. Cheers!

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