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Oil steam boiler

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If you have access to used motor oil or fryer oil I suggest you search for a boiler with a waste oil burner. Save a heap on running costs.

Waste burners can be fitted to diesel boilers as long as the combustion chamber is long enough. Some waste oil burners produce a longer flame.

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We are using an oil-fired Weil McLain commercial boiler (Similar to the current Series 80 - It's a bit older), works great. We burn #2. It's bigger though, 15.6 horsepower, twice the size you are looking for. Our still is 250 gallons as well, you might want to think about going bigger otherwise you might be looking at 2+ hours just to heat up.

Our plumber insists we should be blending a portion of our heads into our heating oil. He says alcohol is frequently used by local oil providers in the area to prevent the oil from thickening into gel when people are using outdoor/above ground heating oil tanks in winter.

I hear Audi is working on an ethanol diesel blend car, and I've found papers that point to fuel oil being stable to 5% ethanol with no special additives, techniques, or changes to equipment.

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