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Hi Everyone,

My name is Kerry Williams , I am trying to start up a small craft distillery in Fredericksburg, Texas. I would like to thank Danny Maguire and Derrick Mancini from Quincy Street Distillery in Riverside, Il for giving me the opportunity to be an intern at their distillery. I learned a lot about making their GREAT products but I still have a lot to learn.

I would also like like to thank all the people at Garrison Brothers', Hill Country Distillers, and Cypress Creek Reserve for advise that they have given me. Hopefully my son and I will be producing spirits by the end of this Summer.

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We've had good experiences working with International Molasses/International Malt Products.  They have some very nice quality molasses for rum.  I believe they carry bulk agave as well, though we never tried it.  The folks over at Barrel Mill have been great to work with too.  For yeast, direct with Lallemand has been great.



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