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BenchMAX, BenchDELUXE Labeling Machines

HWY 101

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I'm looking for a solid, very reliable and easy to use labeling machine that will produce quality results time and again no matter who is running it. My research has brought me to Great Engineering's Bench series of semi-automatic labelers. Is anyone using one of these machines? They have a good range of machines from the very simple manual MATE up to the foot activated MAX. They speak of limiting errors while being able to reproduce exacting applications over and over. Given the number of bottles we need to label, I think spending a little more on a high-quality labeler is a smart choice for us.

I'm specifically interested in which Bench model you're using, why you chose that model over the others and if you're happy with it or have had issues. How has customer service been?

Also, if you're not using Bench, which labelers are you using and would you recommend them?

Thank you in advance!



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We bought a MAX a little over a year ago. Hopefully the weak Aussie dollar means better pricing these days bc they are a bit spendy. For regular cylindrical bottles it has been great. Easy to use, relatively quick, etc. We bought it bc it could also handle a rounded shoulder, tapering bottle (which are very hard to work with). Unfortunately on that front it still has a pretty high error rate. Peter @ Great Engineering is great and will go the extra mile but you have to deal with the time difference. I think the lesson to us is to choose your bottle carefully rather then that there is anything wrong with BenchMAX.

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One Eight D, I've had some pretty detailed conversations with GE and they readily admit that a concave bottle design like the first bottle below is tough no matter what. The second bottle below they said it's good as it's just a straight taper.

You said it still has had a high error rate for you though. Which bottle design are you using? How are the errors materializing themselves? Skewed labels?




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we use it on the little sumo bottle from Saver. We have problems with both placement accuracy and even application, particularly across the top of the bottle/label. GE got the bottle to work on the labeler but they were using a smaller label!

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Ive tried an failed with labelling applications on tapered bottles. The best way I have found to acheive accurate labelling on tapered bottles is to spend the money and have them screen printed

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