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Questions about buildout


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The building we are costing has wood rafters, raw block walls. Are they any concern, we like the old unfinished look and it goes well with the brand we are building but we are getting suggestions to create a "clean room" like in a food plant. Should we create a space in our building and wall it off and build a ceiling for our still/fermentation area? Bottling area?

What says the group?

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If you can get city and fire dept approval then I say go with what your have

Also your state authority who inspects food processing plants. They probably would have issue with open wood rafters, especially in bottling.

It might look cool new and clean but keep in mind things get messy, and in distilleries cleaning is important.

Many distilleries share space for many activities, I'm personally a big believer in segregating spaces for cleanliness and safety. If you do you will have to plan things out for both now and future growth.

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You might be able to keep the exposed beam if you sealed it. The problem with wood boring insects is that they will produce frass, poop and sawdust. They also will dump dead insects out the door. You also tend to have more areas in an open barn for insects and insect parts falling into whatever your making.

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I've built a distillery in a 120 year old warehouse in downtown Louisville, renovation is critical but you can keep the integrity of the old building and still have a wonderful facility. I do distillery construction consulting visit my site www.michaelvaughnperformance.com to see this building. I would be glad to assist you in any way, just keep your dream going!

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