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Hello all!

We have a beautiful, good-as-new ON THE GO - MIXBED Portable Water Dionizer for sale over here at the distillery!

Here's some of the specifications, as the manufacturer website does not have a direct link to the product:

This 3-stage unit will provide high quality DI water at the lowest cost per gallon and upwards of 4000 gallons of DI water. Made up of one approximately 1 cubic foot cation tank and two anion tanks, this model will produce 200% more water than the Dual Bed Business model. The Tri-Bed Business Model and Ultra Business Model will produce more water than any other portable deionizer on the market. Built of sturdy fiberglass, this system will give you years of use. Comes complete with the deionizer units, 4' high pressure hose, hand-held TDS meter, shut-off valve, and a cap/plug for the inlet/outlet.

Part Number: OTG2-TDIL
Design: Tri-Bed System
Size: 48" x 6.75" each
Weight: 52 lbs each
Capacity: 0.90 cubic feet
Tank: Tri-Tank
Rinses: Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM: Car - 685; RV Class A - 115
Meter: Portable TDS Hand-held Meter
FlowRate: Less than 5-6 gallons/minute for best performance & effectiveness
Connector: Polypropylene Cam Lever
MSRP: $ 1,628.00

Watershed's Price: $750

Here are some photos:


Please contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase this item!

Thank you!

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