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Hard to find chiller- will this one do?

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Just wanted to post a picture of a turnkey-plug & play StillChill system we are shipping to FL- 10 HP, 230/1/60, 500 Gal integral chilled glycol reservoir, chiller pump, salt air coating for condenser, dual coat of special automotive paint and switchover switch to run either 45F or 25F (for cold filtration cooling).

Looking forward to seeing the "professional" photos on my website!


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20 'ish, but this is including the add-ons necessary for being on the coast and single phase wiring along with the dual temp set up.

Units with customer supplied tank are quite a bit less, but if you figure the added on field wiring and hookup, when it's all said and done, you don't save all that much by piecing it out, but many need construction suited to their own site.

If we stripped down the add-ons, maybe $5K less.

We have a concept drawing for a 30 ton chiller with 2500 gal tank and 3 pumps, so we can jump it up to quite large units.

If you have a particular idea of how you want it laid out, we can work on it with you.



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