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Non-Bottled Tastes in Tasting Room

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Hypothetical Question:

Let's say we have a barrel of whiskey we intend to let mature for 2 years, but we decide to take 1 gallon of the barrel for a special tour/tasting for customers to try. Is this allowed or does any spirit need to come out of an approved label?


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You might be able to do so legally if you draw the spirits off as a research sample, and you providing the tasting as a market research sampling. It depends both on fed and state law interpretations. In our state, sample tastings are allowed specifically and only as market research, they can not be charged for and must be done under a retailers license. But if you are going to doing it without bottling, you can't do it outside of the bonded area, so their might be a Catch 22, that is, if they catch you.

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