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Cream Base coming soon!

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Hello, I wanted to let everyone know that we at Dehner Distillery have spent a lot of time and money developing a bulk cream product. We produce a superior cream base product than what is currently on the market. Since we manufacture this we can produce it in smaller quantities like 55 gallon drums. Most important is the PH stableness, our product is ultra user friendly. It will not curdle when you mix drinks with it! That means it looks more appealing and you sell more product. We also have a lower butter fat content for the dieting people. Plus, if you export you don't have to pay back government subsidies like the products from Galloway - Ultra Pure and Creamy Creations.

We are looking to push this product.

Please Let me know what you think. We are looking to gage people interest in this type of product.

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Hi joe

As I mentioned to you on the phone the other day, we would be very interested in working with a flavor netrual cream base that we could add our own spirits and flavors to. 

So if you have something that works, please advise how I can purchase a sample, plus get a look at TTB applicable paperwork for formula approval.



Roger / DIS 

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We can help with all TTB problems.

Our cream base is an "intermediate" That means it is not a finished product. You have to add some amount of alcohol to complete it. This could gallons, or drops, just as long as it is in your formula. This would be filed under "liquor/cordial".

Add rum and call it "rum cream", And whiskey for "whiskey cream", gin for "gin cream".

515-559-4879 Thanks Joseph D.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone. We get hundreds of e-mails a day about all kinds of things and some people where getting lost in the e-mail.

Anyone that would like samples please e-mail us. We have created a special e-mail address so you will not get lost in out e-mail pool.

Cream@dehnerdistillery.com    or call 515-559-4879

1. Super PH stable

2. Super low butter fat.

3. No government subsidies to pay back if exporting.

4. Gluten free

5. Flavor free, We don't pre add flavors like our competitors.

6. Will not curdle when mixed with acidic drinks!!  Maintain that great looking cocktail.

7. We can sell you as little as a 55 gallon drum, or 275 gallon, or 330 gallon tote.

8. We can do custom orders with your own spirit, thicker or thinner, more or less alcohol. Fees will apply.

9. 100% made in Iowa! We will be putting the story and more info on our website very soon.

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It is shelf stable. We just completed the one year trial. It will last longer if you put it in the fridge.

We can make any proof. But the normal is 34 proof @ a certain thickness. If you go higher on the proof then it has to be thicker or when you thin it down it will be watery.


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