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Thermometer correction factors

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We purchased calibrated thermometers from coleparmer and received the calibration reports, which included four data points. How do you all use that data in your proofing? I get that we need to either add or subtract for the correction factor for each data point, but what about the data points that weren't supplied a correction factor? For example, if we have a correction factor at +.2 at 40 degrees and +.4 at 59 degrees, what do we do if we get a nominal value of 50 degrees, which doesn't have an assigned correction factor?

Our next step is to request further calibration on a graph so we have all the data points, but I'm curious what everyone else does for this piece. I've heard the hydrometers are important, but the thermometer is where most errors occur and I want to make sure we are spot on with the temps. 

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Interpolate the correction factor?  50 would correct to 50.305.

Corrected Temp = (50 - 40)*(59.4-40.2)/(59-40) + 40.2

It's late, and I may have had a beer or two, so my math may be off.

We had our digitals calibrated and they returned a sheet with calibration factors for every whole degree - we still need to interpolate where the correction factor shifts.


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