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Golf Course Tastings

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We are a brand new distillery getting set to have our grand opening in July.  We've been busily making product and hope to have 1 (maybe 2) products in bottles by opening day.  Our local chamber of commerce is really on me to donate product that they will use on the course at their annual charity golf event (which happens to be the day before our grand opening).  Their plan is to have a table set up on a tee box where we can give tastes and pass out literature about our distillery.

I don't want to do this for a couple reasons:

1) I'm an avid golfer and an avid whiskey drinker myself and I don't think that doing a tasting on a golf course is a good way to introduce someone to our product.  I've been on a few outings where this was done and I never enjoyed the tastes.

2) These products will be my very first batches of spirits.  Not that I'm the next Fred Noe or anything, but I'd rather hold on to as many of my first batch of products to sell from my tasting room.

I've declined twice and now they are offering to buy the bottles for use on the course but that still doesn't change my thinking that drinking an ounce of unaged rye whiskey on a 90 degree day on a golf course won't put our product in the best light with potential customers.  Just looking for feedback if it's unwise to turn down any type of marketing event...


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You've already said it. You don't want to do it!   No, means NO!

I would never hand out an ounce as a tasting anyway. My state(s) only allow a 1/4 ounce.

But if your heart says no, stick to it.

How about coupons for a free tour, assuming you do tours or some advert swag?

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did the golf course deal a few times at the last distillery I was working at. my 2 cents is that golf course charity was not impactful. As you said most folks dont want to sip liquor straight on a hot day. On the other hand if you are in a state that allows cocktails you might be able to do some solid marketing to golfers with a refreshing cocktail out on the green

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