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Artemisia pontica plants available

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I recently finished my first harvest of roman wormwood. Before I ruthlessly tear out that which is wandering into other parts of my garden I thought I'd offer a plants/runners to aspiring plant-to-spirit absinthe enthusiasts. A few notes:

  • This is petite/roman wormwood, artemisia pontica, which is used in the coloring step of absinthe production
  • I don't recall the origins or vendor of the original plants. I do recall it was surprisingly difficult to track down live plants.
  • Here in USDA Zone 6a it is incredibly hardy. It likes sun. We grow it in an irrigated garden.
  • It takes a lot of work to keep it confined. I recommend a well enclosed raised-bed or container garden
  • I use 12 grams of this (dried) per liter of distilled spirit

For $20 I will dig up a few  AP plants & runners, wrap in damp paper towels, place in a ziplock and deliver via US priority mail.  This has been recently harvested so their wont be much leaf growth. I cant imagine it will affect the long term health of the plant as I'm unable to kill it when actually trying.  Payment via paypal or cash.me -- the latter being the company behind Square which we've used in the tasting room.   Reply here, via PM, or email to eric@hoteltangowhiskey.com 

In the spirit of full disclosure, my cost is $13.45 for postage, the ziplock, paper towel, water, and whatever labor rate my seven year old charges for helping.




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