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Please help me source these closures!


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Love these. I'm looking to source some closures like these with 28mm caps. Does anyone know where to get these or have suggestions on where to start? Just put out a request on Kinnek.

I've reached out to the manufacturer of the pictured product to no avail. Do you work for Tuthilltown Spirits or know someone who does? Please send me a message or email introduction if you do! omalley@thomasandsonsdistillery.com




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9 hours ago, Silk City Distillers said:

Ralph Erenzo used to be a fairly regular poster here.  When we were first starting up I went up to Tuthilltown to talk to him, he was very helpful.  In fact, we spent some time talking about the Basement Bitters project, he was pretty fond of his team who put it together.

Did you try giving him a call?



Thanks! Do have contact info for him? I can't seem to locate a direct number or email. I used the Tuthilltown contact form a while ago and haven't heard anything back. 

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